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Below is a list of our currently available WMS Consultants. Click the magnifying glass icon at the beginning of the row to see more details about the resource. Don't see a resource that meets your needs? We have resources coming available all the time. Contact us and we can assess your needs and let you know your options for matching WMS consultants.

WMS resouces can be hard to find. Be the first to know, Get Notified when new resources become available.


Picture Avail Date Name Title Years Experience WMS Product Experience State
detail Chad Richardson Chad Richardson Principal 15 Manhattan Associates
detail Edson Martins 10/10/2011 Edson Martins Senior WMOS Consultant 8 Manhattan Associates Manhattan WMOS v2009, v2008, v2004 TX
detail John Babyak 11/28/2011 John Babyak Senior WMOS Consultant 13 Manhattan Associates Manhattan WMOS, WMi Series (PkMS), ILS/SCALE CO
detail Ryne Bozzell 1/2/2012 Ryne Bozzell Senior WMOS Consultant 10 Manhattan Associates Manhattan WMOS v2010, v2009, v2008, v2004, v2002, v2000 (more...) GA
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