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PkMS WMS Upgrade Services

Looking for an easy way to get more efficient use out of your maintenance and support budget?

Upgrade Justification/Analysis

Compare your requirements to the functionality in the new version to see if an upgrade makes sense.

You spend a lot of money on maintenance and support from your WMS vendor, but is it the most efficient use of funds? Maintenance gets you the option to get the latest release of the software but is it going to be useful to your operation? If so, is it going to be cost effective? Would simply adding the specific WMS functionality you need to meet your exact requirements provide a better solution at a lower cost?

In some cases a full software version upgrade may make sense and other times it's simply better to add just the functionality you need, exactly how you need it. Incite can help you make this determination in a methodical and tangible way to avoid wasting unneccessary funds and your organization's time. We start by working with you to determine and prioritize your operations requirements. Then compare these to the functional enhancements in the new version of the software to see which would be addressed by the new software. Then add the cost to add the functionality for the requirements not addressed by the upgrade. Then add the cost of the upgrade itself, which is usually a substantial cost alone.

We then look at the option of simply adding the functionality required to your existing software version and compare these two options from the perspectives of external costs, internal costs, and duration to see which option provides your company with the best solution to your requirments and ROI.

Operational/Functional Enhancements

Get the functionality you need, without the full cost of a full version upgrade.

If it has been determined that a full software version upgrade is not required, our team will handle your functional enhancements from beginning to end. Our expert designers work with your operations team to insure a wholistic design that starts with an efficient and accurate operational process followed by a system design that integrates well with the existing software. The result is getting more out of your existing WMS in a cost and time efficient manner.

Version Upgrades

From turnkey upgrades to staff augmentation, we'll help you get the most from the upgrade process that insure beneficial results.

If the results of our analysis suggests a full software version upgrade, we begin with an operational check-up to review the entire WMS process flow to analyze what works and what needs improvement. Without doing this, an upgrade is simply technical in nature and cannot provide an ROI to the operation. Once this is complete, we build out the full project plan and manage the upgrade from design to support.

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