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TeamWorks™ - Saas Project Collaboration

Saas Project CollaborationHave You Evolved from the Static?

Many organizations today still manage project implementations and support using static spreadsheets, costing valuable time and money in lost issues, clerical updating, and a lack of inter-team communication.

Costly project managers spend countless hours performing clerical work to gather and update a common issues list which becomes outdated as soon as its published. Management cannot make timely decisions and allocate resources based on real-time data.

Move to the Dynamic

Incite's TeamWorks™ is a web-based software as a service (SaaS) project collaboration tool designed specifically for Project Implementation and Support teams. Today most implementations involve team members from multiple states and around the world. Keeping track of all members tasks is not only challenging, but critical to keep the project on time and under budget.


  • Incite Hosted solution (SaaS model) allows you to be up and running in minutes
  • Manage requirements, project issues, documents, status reports, project tasks, testing defects and more.
  • EMail alerts when items are added or updated
  • Track issues (etc) by Client, Project, and Phase (ex. Acme>ERP Site 1>Requirements Definition)
  • Graphical reporting of open items
  • Dashboard shows your open items and open items you've assigned to others
  • Export user selected items to Excel
  • Robust item search criteria
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"In addition to providing talented resources, Incite provided value-added tools such as TeamWorks™ to increase project management efficiency. TeamWorks™ is invaluable for managing defect tracking for all of our business applications.”

Kris Merz,
IT Director,
Retail Ventures Inc.
"TeamWorks™ is invaluable in our project and has proved to be a strong differentiator for Incite. It insures nothing falls through the cracks and has resulted in raising the overall quality of our implementation. I couldn’t imagine using spreadsheets to track it all.”

Kim Means,
Senior Project Manager,
Giant Eagle Foods
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