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Warehouse Insights - Supply Chain Intelligence

Warehouse Insights (WI) is an inline operational analysis, reporting and an alert management system that sits on top of an existing Warehouse Management System (WMS). WI extracts data from your WMS, performs the required transformations and stores it in an internal data warehouse. The presentation layer of the tool and the business engine use this data to provide a wide array of analysis, dashboards and alerting mechanisms. All of this comes out of the box without the need to write a single line of code or perform any other form of customization. Another key aspect of the product is its ability to let you analyze data of multiple warehouses while working with a single screen.

Warehouse Insights is a web based solution, architected using proven technologies that support rich internet applications. WI provides a very visually rich user interface with user friendly and intuitive dashboards that present a wide variety of data across multiple dimensions.


  • Dashboard with summarized view of KPIs and alerts across multiple warehouses
  • Visual display of alerts on an actual 2D warehouse layout. Users can act on these alerts from within the tool
  • Location utilization and fragmentation analysis
  • Time based historical analysis of key KPIs
  • Pro-active alert management
  • Task Progress charting
  • Wave progress charting by orders, cartons, and units/li>
  • Receiving Dock to Stock analysis
  • Receiving and Putaway Progress charting

Screen Shots:

PkMS Dashboard
Main Dashboard

PkMS Wave Progress
Wave Progress&#

PkMS Warehouse Heat Map
Warehouse Heat Map
PkMS Dock Door Analysis
Dock Door Analysis
PkMS Recieving Progress
Receiving Process

PkMS Dock to Stock Analysis
Dock to Stock Performance

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Benefits Minimize
  • Identify productivity problems early with pro-active alert management
  • Track productivity improvement over time
  • Identify inventory storage issues
  • View KPI reporting across multiple warehouses on eone dashboard for a quick assessment of current performance
  • Obtain better location utilization
  • Manage Labor Balancing through Visual task management
  • Low "Total Cost of Ownership"
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